“We become exhausted by the exposure to experience after experience of emotionally draining clients who look to us for help…”

Compassion Fatigue is an emotional, physical, and/or spiritual exhaustion that arises from caring for people, particularly people in significant emotional pain and/or physical distress, and is prevalent amongst care workers of all kinds (nurses, doctors, therapists, counsellors, etc), particularly at this time. We get Compassion Fatigue because we care; paradoxically, the better we are at our jobs, the more vulnerable we are to developing the condition. When we have compassion fatigue, our emotions become erratic and amplified, we experience sleep disturbances, we crave sugar, carbs and caffeine, we start to lose our energy and enthusiasm for our work. Compassion Fatigue affects every sphere of our lives and, left untreated can progress into severe burnout, depression and chronic illness. Compassion Fatigue is often under-recognised and under-supported, but there are some very simple steps to prevent compassion fatigue and I will share these in the talk.

What the audience can learn 

  • What is Compassion Fatigue and who gets it (and why)?
  • Recognising the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue
  • Understanding how “Covid Fatigue” has impacted on and contributed to Compassion Fatigue
  • Seven steps to address and prevent Covid Fatigue
  • A daily tool to regain and maintain your energy, enthusiasm, passion and purpose