Concierges roles are vital to the hotel industry as they are the first and last impression of the hotel to guests.    This same approach can be used in Retirement Villages to add value to the residents.      Concierges mission is to ensure that every resident is granted discretion, served with the utmost respect and that any question asked is answered within a timely manner.

A concierge will essentially do whatever you ask them to do – provided it’s legal and humanly possible.   Services include anything from handling your emails or messages to recommending local attractions, getting theatre tickets, shopping for you, booking your travel or even doing secretarial services. Concierges are very versatile – they can carry out several roles, ensuring that residents have an enhanced experience at a retirement village.

They can arrange introductions, set up romantic dinners and secure you front row seats at the next game or event.  They are a true marvels and they use what they know together with who they know, to get you what you need.

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