The presentation includes a 15- minute talk and a 20 minute “taster demonstration”

What is Biodanza?

Where does it come from?

What is the science behind Biodanza?

How does it help the elderly and carer?

What are the benefits of dancing regularly?

The proposed “differentiator” for Retirement Villages

Biodanza is a dance healing methodology that uses music, movement and allows for expressions. It was developed in Chile by a psychologist more than 50 years ago and can be found all around the world where there are trained Facilitators. It has been scientifically tested on people who attend weekly classes and has been found to have a positive impact on stress, sense of wellbeing, levels of happiness, depression, etc. It also has a positive impact on the brain and reducing dementia in the elderly. It works on the Biocentric Principle which seeks to keep life at the centre or to preserve life. The presentation includes how Biodanza can be used as a proposed “differentiator” offering to keep the elderly healthy for a longer period and to reduce “frail care” costs for a retirement village. Having “Healthy Elderly connected to life“ proposes a new vision for the elderly to die with more dignity.

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