The time for change is now.

The proposed amended Act 13 of 2006 includes for the first-time definitions for Assisted Living and Independent Living. What is the implication of this and how does one ensure compliance for these inclusions?

Regulations on these inclusions will not be available for quite some time to come but we as the industry do not have to wait for such, we can move forward with self-regulation based on the basic principles of quality care and improved health and wellness programs.

The goal is to be proactive and not to sit on the fence till we get shot at. Based on national and international best practice there is a lot we can do to assist all regulatory bodies with ongoing compliance and Quality Assurance in the Residential Care and Continuum Care Retirement Communities.


What the Audience can learn

  •  Proposed changes to the Act 13 of 2006
  • What is self-regulation
  • What is a DQA and why is this necessary
  • How do I implement self-regulation

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