“It has never been more important to understand the “Buying Brain”  And it has never been more important to do more with less money.  NeuroMarketing ticks both those boxes.”

What are the key drivers of email & web success?   What makes them say yes?

With so much retirement stock out there how does one truly differentiate your sales offer from the competition, when the components of a successful retirement village are the same for everyone?

Why do good villages sometimes fail to attract full tenancy and not-so-good ones sell out? How do families choose one village over another?  What drives those choices?

Find out how in this insightful presentation.  NeuroMarketing is the brain study of choice and how our emotions drive those choices.  For the first time in the history of marketing these global research studies, finally, take the guesswork out of marketing.

What the audience can learn 

  • 7 step success formula; the key drivers and critical factors to get to a Yes
  • How the brain behaves during decision making; how we choose
  • How to formulate your brand story so that it resonates with comfort and meaning
  • How a viewer sees your screen page and why it matters
  • Practical Tips & Techniques to get your prospective client to read and respond to your digital messaging; including one simple tip to double your clicks.
  • “The difference between a quality retirement village with bad marketing and a not-so-good village with excellent marketing, can be the difference between bankruptcy and success.”  Make this new knowledge work for you towards your best sales year ever.