At Abbey Cross Lodge we recognised that caring for older people is about more than just the physical care, it is also about the attitude with which one is doing the caring. Demonstrating the physical care is easy, but changing a care giver to understand the effect of doing it with a loving, caring attitude is essential to become an exceptional care giver. In order to address this, a different methodology and In-service training system is used, based on:

  • Outcome-based experiences reiterating the attitudes, principles and skills required.
  • Emphasis on development of the person through activities during the training.

 Completed modules using a creative approach to the development and training of Care workers include:

  • Older Person’s Individual Care and Development Plan. Focusing on legislation, design, development, implementation and documentation
  • A Basic Understanding for the Care of Dementia residents (including Alzheimer’s residents)

What the audience will learn

  • The importance of ‘why’ and not just ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ in teaching care workers new knowledge and skills
  • Four of the main strategies and techniques being used effectively in training sessions
  • Use of structured creative assignments, following each training session, to promote self-responsibility and personal growth of the care workers
  • How exercises in self-love and gratitude impact the attitudes of the care workers and influences their care of residents
  • The role and use of creativity and mind maps in development of care workers’ knowledge, skills and required attitudes