How to use Personality Profiling to improve your quality of staff? October 21 – Care Stream


Amidst an industry that is evolving from traditional retirement homes to lifestyle villages that meet the expanding expectations and requirements of its residents, the type of employee one recruits is essential to deliver on the promise and sustainability of the organisation.

People are at the heart of every organisation and even more so for organisations that pride themselves in service excellence. Thus, selecting the right people, who display tendencies towards caring for others, is paramount. This being said, service excellence alone is not sufficient to meet the demands and expectations of residents. The ability of staff to communicate with professionalism and etiquette, being resilient and able to resolve problems, offer technological support, to name a few, are equally important to residents of retirement villages.

As a result, the profile and career prospects for employees within retirement villages has changed and requires more critical recruitment and selection practices to aid hiring decision-making and performance.

This presentation will provide practical recommendations on how psychometric assessments can be used to select the right people to meet the expectations of the organisation and its residents.

What the audience can learn

Hiring pitfalls.

Effective job profiling and competency identification.

How psychometric assessments can contribute to improvements in hiring, for example, increased retention, performance, engagement and job satisfaction, which ultimately improves the experience of the customer.

Type of psychometric assessments available (e.g.: personality, cognitive, emotional intelligence).

How to incorporate psychometric assessments in your recruitment process.


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