How colour can impact revenue? October 14 – Managers Stream


The first known theory of color was developed by Aristotle who believed it was sent by God from heaven through celestial rays of light. Surprisingly his beliefs on colour were widely held for over 2,000 years until replaced by those of Isaac Newton.

Modern colours with the vast array of pigments available have changed our world.  Pantone releases a colour for each year that influences décor, fashion and our world. Correct colour and design can play a vital role in the success of a retirement village from a sales perspective and a living space.

What the audience can learn

Current colour trends and the psychology of why these trends are popular

Taking colour’s pulse – which direction do we see colour moving. Here we look at modern vs classic and what is influencing key directions in South Africa.

Survey Results of top selling colours geographically – CT, Durban, JHB

Healing interiors and exteriors

Colour Therapeutics – colours can help with depression and anxiety and can transform an oppressive environment into a space where the occupants can enjoy a sense of wellness and happiness.

Information will include colours that work best in different environments based on scientific research, eg a dining room vs a library or physiotherapy room.

Info will include colours to help those suffering from low self-esteem or anxiety.

Additional information

7 October- Plenary Session

Plenary Session

14 October – Manager Session

14 October – Manager Session

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21 October – Care Session

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