The NOAH model mitigates the cold harsh reality of abject poverty, through:

  • 12 safe, compliant, affordable communal houses offering dignity, companionship and independence to 120 residents
  • 2 primary health care clinics, offering bi-weekly doctors’ clinics with a focus on preventative and promotive health services including observations, medication distribution and compliance oversight, advice, referrals and support services such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry and therapeutic massage for 447 members
  • 2 community centres offering meals, financial support, social support, wellness support, access to information, and referrals to 151 members
  • 7 Social Enterprise Development projects, stretching the pension of 32 members:  NOAH Loaves, NOAH Soap, NOAH Candles (incl a Church range), The Trestle Table ( a 2nd hand shop), The Clothing Bank Partnership, NOAH Spaza and NOAH Takeaway.

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