Storytelling in business is often overlooked or disregarded.  Storytelling in business is just like storytelling in film, theatre, literature, and communication — it’s an integral part of our lives. Stories have meaning because stories connect people with other people, businesses, brands, products, and their dreams. And businesses cannot succeed without this connection.

From pitching to product development to marketing to culture and talent, storytelling takes place everywhere. To pitch a concept you need to tell a story of the problem you’re solving.  Few people are converted by simple facts and figures. To create a successful marketing campaign and branding you need a cohesive story of the brand with a company vision that spans all channels and campaigns and also to attract and keep the best talent, and to manage those employees to success, you need to create a culture to motivate them and make sure everyone is on the same page. So what is the answer to it all? Storytelling.

Darren Ravens from UCT Business School shared his insights and value of storytelling to delegates.  We are now sharing this with you as irrespective of whether you are running a frail care, developing a retirement village or any other role in the sector we are all telling stories to get our point of view across.