Medwell SA is the leader in providing high-quality Holistic Home Healthcare and Wellness Solutions throughout South Africa.

Medwell SA, and its incorporated entities has over 22 year’s experience in providing Managed Home Healthcare Services across South Africa and over 15 years’ experience in implementing and managing holistic health care services within retirement/lifestyle estates.

We specialise in managed home healthcare services in a variety of applications to meet our client’s exact needs, tailored to their personal and clinical requirements.

Medwell SA has a proactive approach to our ageing population with the emphasis on maintaining and improving our resident’s heath status, their wellbeing and to enable each person to age actively within their existing environment and most importantly to ensure their independence in the comfort of their home for as long as possible.

Medwell SA is currently contracted by most medical aids in South Africa, either as designated service provider or preferred provider to deliver a variety of Home Healthcare Services funded by medical aids. These existing service agreements and the availability of our practice number unlocks benefits to our clients/residents in retirement/lifestyle estates managed by Medwell SA.

As specialists in the field, Medwell SA consults and advise developers from an early planning stage on design, layout, service levels, etc. to ensure a financially sustainable model is implemented and executed to provide existing/future residents and their family members with peace of mind for the future.

Apart from our expertise to care for our elder population, Medwell has the expertise and experience to advise and consult existing retirement estate management as well as developers of new estates on:

  • Implementing a financially sustainable care service model with a proactive approach
  • Operation cost to implement Holistic Health Care Services
  • Sustainable service delivery
  • Compliance with the Older Persons Act, Act 13 of 2006
  • Management of all aspects relating to recruitment, facility management, medical aid claims and all related services required.

Medwell SA is a healthcare partner that strives to assure a continuum of care by supplying health care services and supporting products in your preferred environment, enabling a resident to enjoy the best possible quality of life. We offer this through a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that assesses, treats and maintains our client’s wellbeing. We aim to provide a personal and professional approach to health care.