Lead Laundry and Catering in collaboration with Laundry Solutions 360 are the leading provider of laundry solutions for retirement homes around South Africa.

Our solutions incorporate world leading equipment brands like Speed Queen which offer the most robust and energy efficient solutions available anywhere on the globe,  custom developed telemetry solutions like ‘Laundry Connect’ which offer operators critical laundry management data, and detergent and detergent vending solutions with our ‘Xpell’ range of laundry powders.

Lead Laundry and Catering is also a leading supplier of professional Kitchen equipment to institutional kitchens throughout Southern Africa. Our Turnkey solutions offer high end kitchen and laundry design and full after sales service from qualified technicians located in 7 of South Africa’s major commercial centres.

Email:rorym@lead.co.za Website:http://www.lead.co.za