To understand AVBOB compassionate roots, one has to go back to the Spanish Flu epidemic that arrived in South Africa in the wake of the First World War. This caused countless deaths and infinite trauma, both emotional and financial, with many families unable to afford dignified funerals. It was amidst this death and trauma that he original founders of AVBOB stepped forward with a solution: a business started by a community for the upliftment of the community.

From day one, the concept of uplifting our members has been not only AVBOB’s guiding force, but part of our corporate DNA. In addition, AVBOB believes that shared value is not a feel-good strategy they we adopted to gain competitive advantage or to improve our corporate image. It is fundamentally who we are. And it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

AVBOB’s shared value business model is rooted in our status as a “mutual society”. As a mutual, AVBOB has no shareholders. The profits that arise from the various businesses in the Group are deployed solely for the benefit of our members (who are our policyholders).

To this end, at no extra cost to the individual, all policyholders who conduct a funeral through AVBOB will receive a free basic funeral* to the value of up to R16 000. This includes benefits such as the transport of the deceased within the borders of South Africa and R2 500 cash upfront for unforeseen expenses. In addition to this, the policyholder will receive the full original value of their policy to use for whatever they choose – albeit upgrading a casket, paying off debt or paying for education costs.

Against this background, and even in a world that seems to thrive on instant gratification, AVBOB’s 101-year-old foundations are still firm and our views still relevant. Testament to this is our growth into an insurance society covering 6 million lives, complemented by a footprint of over 350 branches countrywide. Website: