GERATEC is the only company in South Africa that caters exclusively for older people. We are proud of our 22 years of excellence, specialising in a host of value-added services.

The retirement industry is booming, yet there are only a few who offer specialised services in this arena.

At GERATEC, we believe that this field requires expertise with finesse and attention to detail paid to the individual requirements of clients. Every home has its own unique identity. It is our belief that services should be tailor-made, and that individual needs should never be neglected.

Over the past 22 years, we have expanded our services to include catering, housekeeping and laundry as well as care services, facilities management, employee development and consulting. We are proudly associated with a number of leading villages, homes and retirement centres where we offer a host of services – all aimed at improving the lives of older people and empowering employees. Our focus on employee development programmes contributes to our world-class service, and we ensure that we stay abreast of international trends and innovations. Through research and development, we remain leaders in the delivery of services to older persons in South Africa.

Most of all, we pride ourselves on our person-centred approach:  to build authentic relationships and to support and honour individuals for who they are – the residents that live there but also the employees who work there.