Liezle Hartman

Liezle Hartman

Liezle is General Manager at Retire@Midstream.  She is a passionate, service orientated professional with 20 years’ management experience in the Hospitality Industry.  She is a detail-orientated academic and analyst with a master’s degree in Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management – both obtained with distinction.

During her career, she has presented papers at different forums and has attended numerous international and national conferences and indabas.   She brings with her service orientation when managing Retire@Midstream, a large retirement village with more than 800 residents. She has a heart for the elderly and feels honoured to be surrounded by so much respect, compassion, experience and knowledge of the people that are under her care. She is passionate and enthusiastic about the possibilities and opportunities that she encounters every day, about the significant difference small changes can make in somebody’s life and about how everybody must work together to achieve harmony. The adage of everybody is fighting a battle has never been more relevant, and she encourages people to support each other by reaching out.

Managing the assessment of meaningful lifestyle programmes in Retirement Villages and Old Age homes

The aim of this presentation is to look into the various stumbling blocks and the possible solutions as currently being piloted at Retire@Midstream.  The tasks of the Manager of a facility that cares for the elderly is well known for its variety in skill demands that often supersedes the experience and expertise of most Retirement […]

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