Yolandé Brand

Yolandé Brand

Doing and Being’ vs ‘Being kept busy’ - through a Person-centred lens

Following her qualification from the University of Pretoria, she moved to the United Kingdom in 2002 where she worked predominantly in Adult Social Services – visiting people living with disabilities in their own homes to assess and offer support in order to stay as independent as possible – for as long as possible.  The possible disabling impact of a person’s environment was one of her focus points – planning and recommending minor and major adaptations to the home to increase independence.  This role saw her working with people of all ages – from 2 years old to 101 years young!

On her return to South Africa in 2011, her journey continued in Paarl, Western Cape.  Working with GERATEC and ACVV Huis Vergenoegd to set up and run a small group home for people living with dementia.  Once again, the impact of the environment on independence and wellbeing, but also the crucial role of authentic relationships with all role players came into play.  A special interest in support for people living with dementia was nurtured as part of this role – and still remains a focus area today.

Doing and Being’ vs ‘Being kept busy’ – through a Person-centred lens

Loneliness, as well as boredom and helplessness, are frequently seen when working with older people. Not only within the residents living in the care centres, but also those living in assisted living and those living independently in their own flats or cottages.  It does, however, appear as if there is a quick and easy solution: […]