Day 2 Report

Day 2 Report

Day 2 was deemed by many of the delegates to be the best day of the Summit.

It was kicked off by Andy Rice, the brand guru of South Africa who shared what defines a brand, how important a brand is, how to go about building a brand and showed the amazing “Farmer”  advert that illustrated the epitome of brand.  An advert at the Superbowl costs $5 million for a 30-second spot.

Fundraising is difficult in these cash strapped and economically challenging times.   Melanie Jackson, from Words that Count shared her decades of fundraising expertise with the delegates on how fundraising has changed and how global incidents affect local efforts.  See Melanies presentation and her visual map.

Levies are a bone of contention with residents and a fine balance for management and trustees to maintain.  Stephan Craggs from CSI Management shared some tips on how management can stretch their levies.  They included a 5 year risk management plan that anticipates increases and major maintenance as well as pro-active maintenance programmes.

The last presentation before lunch was from Christelle Marais, Chief Risk Manager, Marsh Africa as well as being a recently appointed Independent Committee Member at Department of Science and Technology.  She shared the 4 major risks the industry is facing. One of which was the increase in class action suits being brought against retirement villages and management.  She discussed where liability may be the retirement village or management and even in some instances the residents.

The lively debate that sparked much discussion in the audience was the Ownership Model panel.   The panel members were Dr Michael Zipp, CEO of CPOA, Cornel Niewenhuizen Jr from TotalCare, Hannes Liebenberg from Silvermine Village who were very ably moderated by Lodie van Staden from Nellie van Staden Properties.

After lunch Michael Woods from CPOA shared how they have changed their water resilience plan due to the severe water shortages in Cape Town.  Unfortunately due to South Africa’s lack of consistent rainfall and limited fresh water dams this issue was pertinent and an apt reminder to all retirement villages.

The last two speakers of the day would focus on IT mainly electronic health records and cyber security.   One of the leaders in the field Med-e-Mass shared their extensive knowledge on how to select an EHR, how to integrate into your other existing systems and explaining what EHR’s are.

Finally Charl Ueckermann from AVeS Cyber Security shared insights on how all organisations are targets for cyber attacks.  75,000 people are attacked daily.  The one tip he shared that really resonated was to make residents aware of not clicking on links and only to open emails from people they know.

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