Woodbender understands the unique requirements that face retirement villages and the elderly with handrails for support and solutions for easy access for wheelchairs.   Below are some of the considerations they take into account when manufacturing their bespoke furniture ranges for retirement village dining rooms, foyers and bedrooms.

  • Table cut-outs for wheelchairs
  • Rounded edges on table tops
  • Stable and strong chairs to catch the elderly as they seat themselves
  • Handrails to help pull out and push in chairs
  • Firm seats
  • Arms to aid getting up out of chairs
  • Upholstery panelling on many designs which allows using a practical fabric on the seat e.g. a waterproof seat with a decorative fabric at the back
  • Homely furniture to soften the environment
  • Ability to adjust seat and arm height for the support required
  • Headboards and other bedroom furniture available
Email:andre@woodbender.co.za Website:https://www.woodbender.co.za/

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