Inspired by a love for woodwork and a curiosity to explore the ancient art of bending, Charles Mast started Woodbender in 1988 and was soon joined by his wife Shirley, and father, John.  From the start, we were wooden furniture manufacturers who specialised in bending solid wooden timber, reviving a secretive old world tradition from 1700 Europe.  We taught ourselves the technique, building the necessary components and machinery and then picking up our first big client (where the original chairs are still being used today).  Over the years, we have become known as South African furniture manufacturers who produce high quality, solid wood furniture that’s durable, comfortable, beautiful to look at, and that offers excellent value.

We use solid Ash timber imported from North America, where the certified forests are so vast that they replenishment themselves naturally.  Every piece is handcrafted, ensuring each chair or table is as unique in character as the tree it is made from.  We now run a sizeable furniture wholesaler enterprise made up of a factory, a showroom in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

This family-owned business comprises the next generation of Masts with over 50 skilled men and women.  Woodbender is proud to be the first choice of furniture suppliers for the many big brands and individuals, servicing clients across South Africa and beyond.